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1. Fleet Management System:

Based on an Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), we have developed an advanced Fleet management system that is able to track and manage your fleet.

The AVL is a device fitted with an advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) chipset and a fast GSM/GPRS modem.

The AVL is then mounted on to the vehicle and proffessionally installed in order to collect information about the status of the vehicle e.g engine status, door & window status e.t.c.

The AVL also determines the location of the vehicle and sends this information via the GSM network (e.g Safaricom or Zain). The information can be sent via GPRS (internet) or via SMS.

This information is sent to our control room.Using this information, our servers are able to locate the vehicle on our street-level digitalised maps installed in our servers.

Our Customers can log on to our servers either using a web browser or a client software to locate their vehicle.

This information is stored in a database and periodic reports are generated and e-mailed to the customer.

1.a. Fuel Management:

We are proud to state that our system is the first to report on fuel theft on new or old trucks. Our Advance system can be able to detect the fuel levels even on the old trucks tractors and other earth moving equipments.

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Digital ISP LTD is also a fully licensed internet service provider.

We operate several hot spots within Nairobi's CBD and its environs. We also have internet solutions for small businesses.

We provide internet services to both commercial and residential buildings. Our monthly charges are very affordable.

We have a very reliable wireless network that covers the Central Business District (CBD), Buru Buru, Westlands, South B, South C and Eastlands area (Umoja, Donholm & Pipeline estates).

3. Networking & Structured Cabling:

We have a fully fledged Networking Department. This department is cjarged with the responcibility of installing both cabled and wireless networks. The head of this team is a certified Siemon Installer, MCSE, competent in CISCO configurations.

We aslo design and implement wireless networks based on WIFI and WiMAX technologies.

3.a. Network security:

We also help organisation in building secure Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs). Based on award winning triple encryption technologies, our clients networks are secured leaving the management to concentrate on core areas of operation.

We also install network servers based on Linux, Unix or Windows. We also help organisations design and implement Active Directory or other Directory services in a way that they acheive their objectives with the highest levels of security and efficiency.


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